Art and Creativity

Art is important for children especially during their early development. Research shows that art activities develop brain capacity in early childhood; in other words, art is good brain food! Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. As children progress into elementary school and beyond, art continues to provide opportunities for brain development, mastery, self esteem and creativity.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Make a Tambourine!

Make tambourines the easy and colorful way using Colorations® Washable Glitter Paint and tissue paper directly onto some pre-shaped paper mache tambourines.

These lively teachers attended a PACE Regional Workshop in Petaluma, California and learned about art in child development while making their own tambourines and experimenting with glitter paints, patterned tissue papers and a new stubby brushes, all shown in the photos above.


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