Art and Creativity

Art is important for children especially during their early development. Research shows that art activities develop brain capacity in early childhood; in other words, art is good brain food! Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. As children progress into elementary school and beyond, art continues to provide opportunities for brain development, mastery, self esteem and creativity.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sensory Play with Foam Dough

Have you tried Incredible Foam Dough? It’s the latest “craze” in modeling materials for children and it’s easy, affordable and fun for ages 3 and up.

This wonderful example of foam dough art was made by a teacher from Long Beach Day Nursery who applied foam dough to her desktop, making this delightful 3-D image.

Foam Dough is soft to touch, and makes a great substitute for traditional play dough and clay. Unlike other clays and dough, it’s virtually mess-free and can be re-used again and again. And the fact that it never dries out is enough to make teachers say “WOW, REALLY?”. But trust me, it’s true, you can even leave it out on the counter for a days and days and its consistency will not alter one little bit. Moreover, foam dough is the perfect sensory play material and exercises important cognitive skills as well as eye-hand-brain coordination. Sensory stimulation is so important in early childhood education, and this is one new sensory play product that you’re sure to love.

Purchase Colorations® IncredibleFoam™ Dough from Discount School Supply in a variety of colors and quantities. Foam dough affords children the ability to make decisions, solve problems and perfect for open ended, self directed play.

Amazing! It’s true, you can actually leave it out of the plastic bag and it stays the same moisture. If you like what you make and want to keep it, Incredible Foam is designed to be used again and again. Take it out of its container, mold, it mash it, play with it. If you like what you make and want to keep it. When you mix colors together, you get new colors!


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