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Art is important for children especially during their early development. Research shows that art activities develop brain capacity in early childhood; in other words, art is good brain food! Art engages children’s senses in open-ended play and develops cognitive, social-emotional and multi-sensory skills. As children progress into elementary school and beyond, art continues to provide opportunities for brain development, mastery, self esteem and creativity.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quilt Finishing Tips

If you liked the Button Up Fabric Quilt squares recently posted (see January 12th post below), you'll enjoy these tips I discovered while assemblying this Baby Naming Quilt.

1) Lay decorated fabric squares upside down on a flat table.

2) Button up all squares so they lay flat.

3) Place tiny dab of white glue on each button loop to secure button closure. Dry.

4) Hang from inexpensive drapery rod with drapery clip rings.

5) Optional: Tie bows between squares using narrow ribbon.

5) Enjoy your collaborative art!


At 3:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this idea! I was searching through blogs for a class project and came across yours! Your post have really given me some neat craft ideas to use in the classroom as a teacher! Thanks!

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